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He wants to go to Epcot but not sure. Come for three days and then we will move on to other Orlando attractions. Thank you. 10 points for best answer. I was happy to learn … Hi Not sure if this will help you or not. I'm from England and we go to Orlando in 4 weeks to my son and daughter 8yr 7yr old this is what they like and in my life experinence can only speak as I find. If your child loves Disney movies and characters from Disney, MGM because then I would focus on all the characters in the film, namely the Power Rangers, Cars, High School Musical and many more familar, I know not a lot of rides here for them, but my George gets so excited to see the characters you love. Also universal because he loves Shrek, Spiderman, Nutron Jimmy, Cat in the Hat. So we have to go there much to do there and you can do both of these parks that loves both. Magic Kingdom is the ultimate dream of Disney Television, and if you've always wanted to go to Disney, then this is the place of your dreams. Parades, fireworks, characters, games, old and young, both of my children and all the rides in Fantasy land Peter Pan, Small World, Dumbo. I have yet to get on the big rides … They like the experience of Buzz Lightyear stitch on Earth tomorrow. But just to reasure if they decide not George just told me they are all good … Have a great time x

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  1. Randi Nesmith840 says:

    Magic Kingdom, is a classic that can not faltarEpcot, Soarin is great and not to many great paseosAnimal Kingdom: Is adventurous and a dream come true * I would not recommend MGM things just because it's adolescenteEspero this helps here is the site of disney so you can see in the parks

  2. Mindi Baghwan says:

    Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood. Skip animal kingdom. That nothing be lost. Hollywood studios have tower of terror and rock n roller coaster, two of the best attractions of Disney and many shows and things that appeal to him. Star Tours is fun. Lots to do, but if you have to reduce to two, then skip this park. Epcot is amazing now that it has grown. Soarin 'can not be omitted is absolutely amazing, but be aware that it has the longest line in the 4 parks, arrive early and get quick passes. World abosutely showcase was wonderful. Lots of characters, children will do the passports, and my 7 year old in February, Epcot loved best. Test Track, Mission Mars, Turtle Talk with Crush, everyone should see, and then of course you can not go to Disney without seeing the Magic Kingdom. Have a great trip.

  3. Wizard Dree says:

    My son just turned 8 this week, so I thought it would be the best person to ask. He said to do Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Epcot is the park's most precious, then Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios is then said to be ltimo.Tambin use planners to use. They are Custom Mouse Plans and loved to have to do a lot of rides and never waited more than 10 minutes for any of them. Have fun.

  4. Valen XXX says:

    Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon.Tambin Islands of Adventure would suggest, because there super heroes, and SeaWorld. Medieval Times Dinner is a great kids show love. Gatorland is also for a pleasant half-day activity and Green Meadows Petting Farm is good for a couple of hours, can milk a cow, keep chickens and ducks, birds chase and catch, train ride, ride, pony ride hay etc

  5. Ms Jeffs says:

    Definitely Studios.A Magic Kingdom and then Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

  6. Mandy Nguyen says:

    Depends what gustaAnimal Kingdom is very interactive, and there's obviously no animal based dinos there tambinMagic Kingdom-classical as above, all smaller rides such as Peter Pan, theres adventure rides, walks in rhythm, large and very colorful -an absolute must. MGM-is Aniamtion and film, not so much for a year seven, simulators and other highly interactive espectculosEpcot-centers with various types of food, etc to explore acuticosVentisca beach parks, snow style , adventure trails and slides aguaTifn lagoon-style beach, good food, tidal wave pool and a variation of different slides tamaoTambin (no disney), but if you are in the area of Universal Studios is buenoSi you glance sites that should have a list of the rides, if I had to specify say, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Epcot so if you like space, simulators and food or one of the water parks if you like sports, water and natacinUn pair of shoes the pool could be useful for water parks tambinEsta unofficial guide should give you a good idea of what is there and what other people think:

  7. Kayson Fujiyama593 says:

    For a seven year old, I would suggest Disney Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center. Animal Kingdom is more like a zoo overrated, in my humble opinin.Si go when it's hot then take advantage of the water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. If your child is not in the water, then stick with what you anterior.Si is willing to go outside the family is always Disney Seaworld, which does not mean that you have to go swimming. Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are fun tambin.Tienen a fun trip.